Muddy Boots Sports Club for Kids


Muddy Starters 16-months to 2.5 years old

This program is based on informal play. Children are offered the opportunity to learn in a fun environment through informal play. The main goal is to develop good physical activity habits fuelled by intrinsic environments. Fundamental of Movement (FoM) such as balance, coordination and agility are introduced along with Fundamental of Movement Skills (FMS) for example, travelling, jumping, sending, receiving and striking. FoM and FMS at early stage are building blocks for the acquisition and development of more specific sports and life skills. It is the vital importance that children are first introduced to FoM and FMS before being introduced to Fundamental of Sports Skills.

Muddy FUN (2-4 Years)

Muddy Fun classes focus on fundamental of movement in order to allow your child achieve more challenged sports-related skills as they progress through the Muddy Boots programmes.
A two years old child is still exploring the amazing things their bodies can do and requires a lot of repetition in basic Fundamentals of Movement (FOM) such as balance, agility and coordination ensued by Fundamental of Movement Skills (FMS) such as travelling, jumping, sending, receiving, striking, which is why we focus on.

Delivering FUN but formal and structured sessions.

Developing the FOM and FMS in a multi skills environment.
We teach in a creative way to encourage your child to explore and discover throughout the sessions:

Develop spatial awareness

Move more freely

Developing colour recognition, counting and word familiarisation.

Emphasis is on participation rather than competition at this stage.

Make their experience in a sporting environment a positive and happy one.



Queen Elizabeth Green opposite to QE Park Centre
Guildford - Surrey

Muddy Starters session at 9:30am - 10:15am.
Muddy Fun session at 10:20am - 11:05am.

Guildford term:

Option 1 – 7 Weeks £49

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