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The VALUE of MuddyBoots Camps

Helping kids reach their full potential
Our high-tech lifestyle gives kids today opportunities never dreamed of before. But many kids miss out on some of the most important ingredients in becoming healthy adults: connection to nature; exercise and play; meaningful friendships and positive adult role models.

Time spent at MuddyBoots Camps can restore balance to your children’s over-scheduled days, teach life-long skills and allow friendships to flourish. It can help build a foundation for a successful and happy life. Here are some of the most tangible benefits kids get from our camps:

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At MuddyBoots Camps, kids make lifetime friends grounded in the experience of playing together and caring for each other in many ways, from play time and mealtimes, to exciting activities and outings. They learn social rules, acceptable behavior and leadership.

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Kids are the future stewards of our planet—yet they have fewer and fewer opportunities to be outdoors. As Richard Louv makes clear in his bestseller, Last Child in the Woods: Saving our Children from Nature Deficit Disorder, nature must be experienced to be fully appreciated. Spending time in a natural setting is a defining experience of our camps.

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Whatever your child’s shape, size or skill level, MuddyBoots camps offer a range of activities that foster enjoyment of physical activity and counteract the effects of too much sitting and eating in our society today. It’s a lot easier to get motivated to be active when exciting, new activities available in Downside Common beautiful outdoors are right at our doorstep…especially if all your best friends are doing so, too!

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Activities & Play

MuddyBoots camps offer wonderful structured activities to meet your child’s individual interests, with ample time for kids to just be kids—to engage spontaneously in games, free play, discussions and plain old hanging out with each other. These occasions help children deepen their friendships and add to their social development.

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MuddyBoots Camps provide kids with different kinds of learning from schools: they’re more actively involved and more experientially engaged. Recent research has shown that 95% of science is learned outside the classroom, and MuddyBoots camps offer abundant outdoors experience.

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